Long product Rolling Mill (650m X 120m(4bays) EPC Contract for critical equipment of cement plant. New shed under construction. Conveyor Gallery under installation.

So who are we?

PiBS Silp Ltd. prides itself on client satisfaction in the processes from knowing client demand to delivery on time and after sales service. We continuously provide client with satisfying product and service. PiBS Silp Ltd. has extensive experience managing a variety of solar power plants, which comprises Turnkey EPC solution in a Bi-modal way (i.e Grid connected Photovoltaic Solar Plants, Off-grid Photovoltaic System) and solar pumps based system for agricultural & drinking water supply. Our products provide high level of quality and excellent performance, are widely used in the Solar PV Power Plant, Tower Industry such as, Power Transmission Towers, Cellular Phone Antenna Towers, Freeway Lighting Towers, and Highway Sign Structures.

  • Large Inventory of Spare Parts
  • Same Day Shipment of Parts in Stock
  • Complete Machine Shop For Reworking Worn Parts
  • Machine Maintenance

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Steel Melting Shop components

50/60T EAF W.C Roof is For Steel Melting Shop: 50/60T EAF Bottom Shells, W.C Top Shells, W. C Panels, W.C Ducts, Ladles, Ladle Transfer Car, ladle lifting Hooks(120T Cap) etc.

Solar PV Panels

We under take Solar Projects on EPC basis

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