Long product Rolling Mill (650m X 120m(4bays) EPC Contract for critical equipment of cement plant. New shed under construction. Conveyor Gallery under installation.

About Us

At PiBS Silp Ltd., We are doing our share of service to the customer with the ever striving drive for excellence and efficiency. We have a great team of competent and skilled people ever striving for the perfection of our customer’s demand. We have been successfully servicing for the last decade and we look forward for an ever enriching relationship with them.

We specialize in:

  • Tubular Fabricated Structures – Electric Arc Furnace Bottom & Top Shells, Roofs, Combustion Chambers, Ducting, etc (of 50/ 60T EAFs).
  • Ladles & Ladle Transfer Cars.
  • Rolling Mill Stands & W.C Furnace Skids.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Axial & Radial Fans & Blowers.
  • Effluent Control Equipment – Primary/Secondary pulse-jet Bag Filters, Cyclone Separators, Compact Dust Collectors, Fume Extraction Systems, Ventilation Systems, Wet Scrubbers, Electro Static Precipitators, Dampers.
  • Noise Abatement Systems – Silencers & Acoustic Enclosures.
  • Bulk Material Handling Equipment – Hoppers & Chutes, Conveyor Components (Civil & Mech).
  • DRI Plants – Kiln and Cooler Assemblies, After Burner Chambers, Guides & Thrust Rollers, Conveyor Systems, etc.
  • Cement Plants – Kiln Assemblies, Bucket Elevators, Bins & Slide Gates, Pressure Vessels, etc.
  • Solar projects installation on EPC basis.
  • Complete Design & Engineering, Manufacture & Supply, Civil, Mechanical Construction, Structural Erection, Electrical & Mechanical Installation, Commissioning of Plant and Equipment.

PiBS Silp Ltd. is extensively involved in manufacture of critical engineering equipment and components for Steel Plant Rolling Mills, Steel Melting Shops, DRI, Cement Plants, Bulk Material Handling and Pollution Control Applications. With established Machine and Fabrication Shop facilities and onsite work experience for project management. Having earned a creditable reputation in the field of Tubular – Structure Fabrication of export oriented equipment, we have now successfully diversified into turnkey project execution work covering green-field industrial projects in the Steel, Cement, DRI and Power sectors, covering Civil, structural and equipments fabrication, erection and commissioning.

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